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Benefits Of Using Carbide End Mill

May 22, 2017

Industrial and technological development at its fastest pace in the past few decades has led to the drastic shift of moving from manual to automatic operations at every level. Jobs like cutting and drilling have also not been untouched by this advancement. The impact on these job roles has been great in fact. Automation has helped in increasing the safety of the workforce, as well as the efficiency and accuracy of operations... Read more

Advantages Of Using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) And Power Drawbar

May 01, 2017

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is the type of controller which varies the motor’s input voltage and frequency to control its speed and torque. A VFD is used in various applications but for this discussion we will focus on its use on milling machines... Read more

Milling Machine Replacement Parts and Maintenance: For Precision Cutting and Shaping

August 03, 2016

In the manufacturing space, there is a constant need of machines that will complete the job in an accurate and efficient manner. With precision being one of the most required qualities in a manufacturing machine, the importance of a milling machine making accurate cuts can’t be stressed enough... Read more

Best Quality Cutting And Tapping Fluid Lubricants For Your Machines

November 21, 2016

High Quality Tools, Inc. is the ideal platform to search for all your milling machine requirements as well as lubricants. Right from the elements required to keep the machine in a good working order, to cutting and tapping fluid and water soluble coolant, we have it all.. Read more

Machine Shop Cutting Tools: Why Speed Doesn’t Always Mean Efficiency

December 20, 2016

In manufacturing, especially in industries with a high demand, speed is the king. The ability to produce large amounts of product in a short span of time is what gives a manufacturing company an edge over the competition. The problem that companies who rely on machine shop cutting tools often run into is that they often think that a higher surface speed will equal a higher manufacturing speed. Although it seems like a rather sound line of logic, it is actually a fatal flaw. Read more

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