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Get Industrial Lubricants and More

Companies that need a specific volume of different industrial lubricants can order from High Quality Tools, Inc. Our top-class shopping cart and website are tied to a firm with an excellent track record of customer service and support. Find out more about how we can provide your business is the supplies that it needs to maintain excellent core operations.

Castrol Moly-Dee and Other Cutting Fluids

High Quality Tools offers a range of cutting fluids perfect for machining and networking processes. By preparing these specific products, and designing them to a very specific viscosity and texture, together with our partner companies we ensuring long life for your tools and machinery, as well as good results on surface applications.

Standard Lubricants

We also sell a number of standard lubricants by volume. Get WD-40 by the gallon or in small spray bottles.

Water-Soluble Lubricants

We offer a range of water-soluble industrial lubricants such as Kool-Rite products, and other types of products. Get these types of lubricants in bulk to support ongoing processes.

Specific Machinery Oils

Other types of products have specific uses. We sell spindle oil and other specific types of lubricant for different types of machines and equipment. These custom products keep specific parts of a business architecture working smoothly over time. Another special type of oil is way oil: this is made specifically for lathes and other milling machines.

Some of the products we sell are specifically recommended for oiling these parts of the device. These are important because they apply to the specific parts of a machine that have highest speeds of rotation and get a lot of use during operations. Look for the best kinds of way oil to support specific industrial processes.

The bottom line is that companies that want excellent customer service, affordable prices, and a smooth, easy procurement process for industrial lubricants can get partnered up with High Quality Tools to get what they need to keep their machines running well, and maintain work equipment over time.

Our shop supports many different clients in various industries and fields. We offer some of the best deals on lubricants and other products, along with a gold standard for customer service and efficient delivery.

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