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Spiral Point Taps: Types of Dies Tools

High Quality Tools Inc. is one of the main suppliers of milling tools and replacement parts. If you’re in need of die tools, our online store has what you need, such as spiral point taps. When creating screw threads, a spiral point tap is used in holes that completely go through the material, so that the chips can escape.

If you need an extra-long length to reach holes being tapped, then that calls for using pulley taps.  Consider a normal hand tap, pulley taps have same basic thread dimensions of a hand tap, but pulley taps have a longer shank, which is the same basic diameter as the threaded portion. Our stock of pulley taps is made of strong, stainless steel and you’re able to choose from a menu of sizes.

If your hex dies are failing, review our inventory of adjustable spilt round dies made of high-speed steel. Hex dies can malfunction and wear down after a time. They are designed for tough cutting operations of all types of external threads. Also, hex dies are used for threading bolts, rods, and studs.

At High Quality Tools Inc., you can shop with confidence for cutting tools and replacement parts for your milling machinery. Visit our online store or contact us directly to place your order.



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