Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is the type of controller which varies the motor’s input voltage and frequency to control its speed and torque. A VFD is used in various applications but for this discussion we will focus on its use on milling machines.

Usage of VFD, Variable Frequency Drive has several advantages. Here are some of the noteworthy ones.

- It eliminates the need for expensive sliding variable speed pulleys.
- VFD reduces power line disturbances and also helps in saving energy.
- Variable frequency drive minimizes the risk of motor damage during start and stop. Hence, helps in increasing the life of motor.
- User can control spindle speed electronically instead of through a mechanical cranking method.

Power Drawbar
A power drawbar facilitates fast and efficient manual tool changes with the help of a push button. It eliminates the need for tightening the drawbar by hand. A pneumatic cylinder is actuated to depress the drawbar to do the job effortlessly.

It helps in releasing the clamping pressure to open the collet without applying any harmful load on spindle bearings. Apart from that, elimination of manual adjustments helps to speed up the functioning and increase efficiency. Our power drawbar increases productivity by reducing downtime between tool changes. They are easy to install, can be mounted on most milling machines with R8, 30, and 40 taper, and run on standard shop air supply.

We have the best quality VFDs and Power Drawbars on the market. All of our VFD’s and power drawbars are developed and manufactured in the USA after extensive R&D to ensure highest standards of quality and reliability.