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Measuring Tools: Digital Depth Gauge

When it's important to have the most modern tools available, talk to High Quality Tools Inc. about procurement for digital depth gauge models and items like bore gauges, calipers, micrometers, indicators, and other kinds of tools — we can help busy firms to support construction or trade processes or industrial needs.

What Is a Depth Gauge?

A depth gauge is a relatively simple tool that measures the depth of a space. The simplest depth gauges have two parts — a sliding long scale and a kind of intermediary bridge where the depth of the scale gets measured. These sorts of tools can be used for all kinds of things like measuring the depth of a drilled hole or the depth between two pieces of hard material. They may be useful in various types of construction and renovation, or in manufacturing and industry.

Digital Depth Gauges

A digital depth gauge will provide the same utility, but instead of showing depth with an analog interface, it will use a digital readout. Digital readouts can have several benefits over traditional readouts —

  • Better visibility in poor lighting
  • More precise measurement
  • Easier recording
  • Save and autoset features

These types of tools are popular for some of the uses mentioned above, where measurement may be taking place out in the field, in different kinds of environments.

Portable Depth Gauges

Another benefit of digital depth gauges is that they can be easily carried around. A manual or analog model may require a set of pieces that takes up more space in a toolbox. In addition, digital designs can be much easier to read, where analog designs may really only provide a rough approximation.

High Quality Tools Inc. can offer great digital depth gauge models at affordable prices. Talk to us about how to get the best-quality digital depth gauges and other tools, from a company with a great track record of customer service, and a neat online purchase model. Let us help you to take the work out of getting the right tools for the job — to stay busy and well supplied without putting a lot of work into ordering.

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