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Carbide Burs

Make Milling Easier With a Flame-Shaped Bur

When running a milling machine, it’s key to make sure that you have the right parts and pieces to ensure you can use it for whatever you need. Whether you’re carving metal, wood, or other materials, there are a variety of pieces and heads needed to get the desired look. High Quality Tools Inc. carries a large selection of burs and carving heads to make getting the job done easier.
With a large flame-shaped bur selection, you can get a precise drill and section on any material. Our inverted cone bur is perfect for blunt drilling or milling on metal and wood. Regardless of what materials you’re dealing with, High Quality Tools, Inc. guarantees you’ll be able to find the right milling bur for your projects.
Our long shank burs are even available for thicker or denser materials and drills. Ensure you always have the right head and bur for your milling machine. Shop our variety today to add to your collection and have the parts you need on hand!

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