Bar Pullers

Bar Pullers: Types of Bar Pullers

At High Quality Tools our stock of bar pullers can help power up your CNC lathe efficiently and smoothly. If your lathe is only turning out small to medium batch sizes, than a bar puller is a cost-effective choice.

Our square shank CNC bar puller is a popular item in our online store. With a gripping range from 1/8 inches to 2-1/4 inches, we have sizes 3/4 inches or 1 inch available. A puller is a smart choice because it frees up sufficient time between bar changes, allowing one operator to tend to multiple machines.

Imagine the economical savings of a lathe bar puller. Not only can you tighten up budget on one operator for multiple projects, but the bar puller lets your operator measure critical part areas or perform secondary operations with ease. Bar pullers take up no floor space, do not require electrical interface with a lathe’s control, and they can be removed easily and used on other lathes.

High Quality, Tools provides milling cutting tools, and replacement parts for vertical knee-type milling machines. We’ve been a leading parts and tools provider for 33 years. Shop online now for your bar puller or contact us with any questions. We’ll answer right away!

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