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Steel, Stainless Steel, & Brass Shim Stocks: Types of Shim Stocks

High Quality Tools Inc. carries any part you could think of that’s missing or needs repair on your milling machinery. If your milling machine is out of alignment, our online store has brass shim stock in a variety of sizes. We also carry other types of shim stock, dependant on the model of milling machine on your shop floor.

If you need stainless steel shim stock, peruse the many choices. We only sell Lyon Industries shim stock, because their products are superior and made in the USA, thus you are reassured on quality control. A typical roll of stainless steel shim stock is 6 inches wide by 50 inches long, with the option to choose the thickness.

A steel shim stock is useful to adjust the angular relationship between the column and base of your machinery. There are also advantages to buying precut brass or stainless steel shim. One, you don’t have to cut them yourself, which means more precision in the thickness. Second, there will be even thickness throughout the stock. Third, the stock remains flat and undistorted. Finally — a pre-cut, quality manufactured shim has a safety tab to manipulate each shim.

High Quality Tools Inc. sells quality milling cutting tools and replacement parts for vertical knee-type milling machines, of the highest standard. Shop online now or contact us to place an order.

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